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Favourite Links:

These are some of the sites we like to visit
Most of them are related to the game of Everquest, but other realms of fiction and fantasy are represented also.

EverQuest 2 Official Site

Lots of good stuff, including message boards and lore.

EQ2 Stratics A great place to find information and news concerning Everquest.


Caster's RealmAnother great site with lots of EQ information

The One RingA site with info about the upcoming Lord of the Rings movies.
Clip Art CastleGreat place for fantasy animations, clipart etc.
An Everquest GlossaryConfused by the EQ-lingo? Don't know your SBH from a hole in the ground? Then this is the site for you.
EQ Traders Corner A great place if you want to enrich your EQ experience by taking up a trade skill.
FANDOM Great site with news about stuff concerning fantasy and sci-fi. Everything from Batman and Godzilla to X-men and Xena is covered on this site.
Coming Soon Movie trailers for upcoming movies. Sneak a peek!
Galileo Project NASA site with awesome pictures from the Galileo space craft. Has to be seen to be believed.
Mystiqal's Animated Icon Library More great animated gifs and clipart.

A word from the dentists of Norrath:

Do you suffer from painful toothdecay?
Been eating too many sweet elves?
Are your fangs turning yellow?

Chewing a gnome after every meal will whiten teeth
and reduce both tartar buildup and the risk of cavities.
It will give you the grin you've always wanted!

(Warning: Known side effects include bad breath and constipation.)