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Home of the Icewalkers

Welcome traveler...

You have arrived at the doorstep of the Icewalkers. Long have we wandered the shattered lands of Norrath, deep in the wilds where no stories are told of heroic deeds and foul misfortune. But now, as the world once again begins to rise from chaos and destruction, we have found our way home again. The world is a different place than it used to be, but we will make it ours again.

Come inside, leave the winding road for tonight, take off your dusty cloak and well-worn boots, sit down, rest your tired feet and warm your weary bones by the fire. Eat of the simple supper set before you: a piece of bread, a bowl of stew, a slice of roasted meat.

Sipping your hot mulled wine after the meal you can listen to the cold and lonely wind roaming the night and know that you are safe within these walls. Safe from the driving rain, safe from the wild beasts howling beneath the cold moon and the glittering stars, safe from highwaymen and all the other evil creatures armed with sword or claw that haunt this world. And as we join you by the hearth, let us share our tales of wonder and adventure with you, a song of times gone by and perhaps even a joke or two.

Norrath has risen from ruin. It is a different world than the one we used to know, but in this place there are now new tales to be told.

Who we are:

We, the Icewalkers, our friends and kin, once wandered the vast lands of Norrath within the universe known as Everquest. In this place you will find pictures of who we used to be, tales of our many adventures (and many misfortunes) and you will get to know us and the world we inhabited a little better. Soon, new faces, new tales and new songs will join the old as we venture out once again into the realms of EverQuest 2.

Norrath Public Service Announcement:

Don't Feed The Dragons!

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The reality:

The characters introduced on this webpage are pure creatures of pixels and fantasy, and they exist only in our minds and in the game of Everquest, created by Sony Online Entertainment. Click the links on the far left to learn more about us.

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