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Family And Friends

Here we are, as we once were in the lands of EverQuest: The Icewalkers and our closest relatives and friends. Soon new faces will be featured here, as our family enters the realm of Norrath once again in EverQuest 2.

Tayrina Icewalker, Woodelf Ranger
Birthplace: Kelethin, Faydwer
Level: 45
Deity: Tunare, Mother of All
Favourite things: Fletching, archery and tracking rares. Also enjoys the occasional glass of wine by the campfire.
Favourite quote: "Blast Barogog! Did you spill Bog Juice on my arrows AGAIN?"
Other info: After her parents died in a horrific (and hushed up) platform collapse in Kelethin, Tayrina was raised by relatives there, but left the town at an early age after getting into some minor trouble with the local authorities. (The term "bloody juvenile delinquent" used by Lieutenant Leafstalker is surely an exaggeration). She has recently been adventuring in Velious with Rimp Poohsmasher.

Drakor Icewalker, Barbarian Shaman
Birthplace: Halas, Antonica
Level: 55
Deity: The Tribunal, Six Hammers
Favourite things: Playing fetch with his pet, cleaning out dungeons and sowing noobie beggars. (Ok, so that last one was a joke).
Favourite quote: "I love Hate!"
Other info: A hard-working shaman, Drakor is often seen adventuring in the more dangerous dungeons of Kunark, like City of Mist, or at the new frontier of Velious.

Nazure Nefarious, Erudite Cleric
Birthplace: Paineel, Odus
Level: 25
Deity: Cazic Thule, The Faceless
Favourite things: Skeleton smashing, cooking, and gnome teasing.
Favourite quote: "No, I don't sow!"
Other info: Nazure is the adventurous type, and like all erudites (even the evil ones) extremely intelligent. After a harrowing experience with invading earth elementals some time ago, she rarely returns to Paineel anymore.

Rimp Poohsmasher, Troll Warrior
Birthplace: Grobb, Antonica
Level: 43
Deity: Rallos Zek, The Warlord
Favourite things: Getting drunk and running around, crushing things and kicking rhino butt.
Favourite quote: "Me barsh gud!" or "Me itchy."
Other info: Rimp was voted "Most likely to barsh" in his graduating class from Grobb High School, and also considers himself something of a ladies man. His suave demeanour and witty repartee, and the fact that his smell usually renders most non-troll females unconscious has no doubt contributed to his good fortune in this particular area.

Leyra Maghouin, Barbarian Shamaness
Birthplace: Halas, Antonica
Level: 20
Deity: The Tribunal, Six Hammers
Favourite things: Skiing, skating, bear hunting, cracking goblin skulls and sewing.
Favourite quote: "Get yer paws off me rubicite!"
Other info: Having grown up in the wild, frozen plains of Everfrost, Leyra enjoys many winter sports and has often been seen skiing down the steep hills around the Everfrost river on skis made from gigantic mammoth tusks. She is also an accomplished hunter, specializing in bears, wolves and lions, skinning the dead beasts and using their hides for her tailoring projects.

Barogog Nakrath, Troll Warrior
Birthplace: Grobb, Antonica
Level: 54
Deity: Cazic Thule, The Faceless.
Favourite things: Eating, drinking, brewing stuff to drink and barshing things.
Favourite quote: "Ummm Tay, are yu gunna finish dat food?"
Other info: Ever since the Icewalkers rescued him in his infancy from the depths of Guk, Barogog has done his best to protect Tayrina during their many adventures. Thanks to the large amount of food that Tayrina manages to forage on a daily basis, Barogog has quickly grown very big and strong. Although his brethren can not accept his friendship with the wood elf Barogog would never think of abandoning Tayrina. "We keep each udder alive dats all."

Wooot! Looks like classes are balanced and Norrath is bug free!